Small interest free loans let Wu Changxi two business success

behind every entrepreneurial story, both entrepreneurs pay hard sweat, but also contains the true meaning of the progressive development of entrepreneurship. In the awesome entrepreneurship policy support, more entrepreneurs began to realize the dream, go on a flat road of entrepreneurship.

in the second-hand car market, second-hand car parking management has 10 Wu Changxi. After so many years of hard work, such as this year’s income than before a lot of increase. 5 years ago, in order to make a better life at home, Wu Changxi chose to start their own business. Although in a lot of business, but Wu Changxi said, if there is no good policy, no small interest free loans to support their own entrepreneurial path is not so smooth.


entrepreneurs need to have capital Lijiashan, house demolition, demolition, and Wu Changxi took his savings and bought a house of 100 square meters, but entrepreneurs need too much money, they simply can not take so much money at once. Street East Community Health peach staff is aware of his situation, immediately to the small interest free loan policy to send home, "at that time, small interest free loan policy is being vigorously promoted, specifically for an entrepreneurial unemployed support policy." Get a loan of 280 thousand yuan, Wu Changxi began his real entrepreneurial path, because they know more about the car, just started to apply for a few parking spaces, began to use the second-hand car business."

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