Traditional crafts and modern design integration of new business opportunities

across the long distance, graduated from the female white-collar workers in Shanxi, Tsinghua old woman, they will be a combination of traditional and modern design, weaving their own entrepreneurial dream.

pay is the core of the entrepreneurial team song, she graduated from the Tsinghua University, worked for the well-known multinational Internet company, position is senior interactive designer. Create Chinese original manual luxury handbags and grandmother who is a new career song in his spare time to pay, "grandma" is she to these older business partners nickname.

drove more than and 30 km across the country tortuous alley, the reporter came to the grandmother’s "studio". It is a mountain in the old houses, the typical brick walls, black tiles cover the top, South East Wing room is making leather factory". During the Spring Festival, the grandmother who are in love and rest, not far away from home, and the children enjoy the reunion time.

The second is to pay

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