Lei Jun entrepreneurial story will be made into a film on the screen

entrepreneurship has become a hot word in China this year, and spread from the field of entrepreneurship to other industries. Successful business stories always let people relish the next year, the founder Lei Jun millet technology as the prototype of the film is on the big screen.

site yesterday, all the guests watched from the micro Optics Valley International Film Festival Executive Committee leading film two original theme film "Optics Valley fire" and "Breathing" of the first notice, and listened to the two film the main creative people’s creative intent, feeling.

2015 Optics Valley international micro Film Festival aims to explore the new movie, animation, nurturing excellent director and creative team, to promote the development and growth of Chinese micro film and the application and dissemination of new media platform. Up to now, there have been nearly 300 films from all over the country to participate in the selection of the micro Film Festival, the final winning film will be announced on the 22.

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