Online shop to increase sales of the 7 methods

shop on the Internet, to increase sales is an important thing, especially now although the business network have become common, but there are still a lot of competition in the market, then to recommend a few in the online shop can increase sales method.

1, to encourage impulse buying


2, provide only for online sales of goods


3, large orders free shipping

4, honest pricing

in letting customers fill out personal details before, to the shopping cart, freight price of all goods, they shall be reported to the customer.

5, provide full and thoughtful customer service

let customers become repeat customers, to spend a lot of time in customer service.

6, web design compelling

7, complete product information and images

page text information not only to attract consumers, but also conducive to search engine on the web pages. However, in addition to pay attention to the page file size, can not affect the download speed. Take pictures and then click to enlarge the original miniature way. Therefore, the use of image processing tools, such as GIFBot, in the case of the size of the image to retain the size of the image file compression.

In fact,

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