New era new development model Dazhou 1 7 ndustrial Park

Since the reform and opening up, China’s economy has achieved rapid development, but there are still many regional development has not kept up with the pace of the

. Want to develop their own economy, we must change the development of ideas, positive flow. Nowadays, walking in various industrial parks in Dazhou, the development and construction of the boom boom amazing. The old abandoned hilly slope, has been developed into a piece of flat land, a building row upon row of looming, a broad flat road extension……

Industrial Park is the main battlefield of the implementation of the core strategy of Dazhou strong industrial city, industrial development and transformation and upgrading of the space carrier. "12th Five-Year" period, Dazhou seize concentrate on promoting intensive, intensive development, promoting cluster cluster ideas across the park, in-depth implementation of "121" and "Baishiyi enterprise" project, and constantly improve the industrial and professional development level of centralized industrial park, strengthen the construction of the park around the bearing capacity, stronger leading industrial agglomeration through the park and enhance the development of leading industries, foster the development of strategic emerging industries, accelerate the development of modern service industry, promote industrial optimization and upgrading of industrial agglomeration in Dazhou in.

based on the park, Dazhou energy chemical industry, metallurgy building materials, machinery and electronics, textiles, food, medicine, trade and logistics, and other major industrial clusters has been a prototype of the building, the cluster effect highlights. Park industry around the development trend of the industry chain has become a prototype, is gradually becoming the butt of the global industry in Dazhou, the most attractive stage to undertake industrial transfer.

new era of new development model, Dazhou to create "1+7" Industrial Park, for the local economic development in Dazhou, played an important role in promoting. At present, Dazhou has formed a "1+7" industrial park development system, features more complete, more distinctive features, more prominent advantages. Dazhou Economic Development Zone in Sichuan province was included in the hundred billion park planning, and was selected as a national recycling transformation pilot demonstration park in Sichuan province and only the first national low carbon industrial pilot park; Dazhu, Xuanhan Industrial Park in Sichuan province was included in the 50 billion park planning, and Sichuan province is listed as the first batch of 14 industrial county demonstration counties.

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