Restaurant business downturn the following service details do not do

When we select

investment in an industry, a lot of things we do need to pay attention to the details, there are many, so when you run a restaurant, business is booming, is certainly a detail of service is not good, let us introduce one by one.

A, guests enter the restaurant

1, the technique of address

for guests to remember each other’s names and titles, and use this term to refer to each other, and tell you the other colleagues. Some of the experiences in remembering guest names are as follows:

the old staff and leadership in the meal to work long hours, guests know too much, so for new employees to ask if a guest, we do not know, when necessary, ask politely: "Sir, may I ask your name


remember features of customers, and try and his name together.

to work, I will remember this service a few guests in his appearance and other information and their service rendered in a timely manner, and once again the name and linked together Lenovo; example: work and think, today to Lee what personalized service? What are his hobbies he love what? What kind of.

(5) down

2, guest arrival service

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