Longquan was selected as the first batch of migrant workers returning home to start a pilot county

of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship is discussed in the NPC and CPPCC is very warm, want a better implementation of this policy, first pilot, Longquan city was named the first national migrant workers entrepreneurship pilot county (city). To see such a good environment, so many migrant workers also expressed their willingness to return home.

It is reported that

, "migrant workers and other personnel to determine the return of pioneering pilot area", will bring more policy support for the guide, in the home business projects in our city to organize channel docking, to further stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of home business personnel. At the same time will also boost our city public entrepreneurship, innovation and construction of the new urbanization work to a new level.

"according to statistics, in the work of the people of Longquan tens of thousands of. In recent years, we carry out the concept of ecological development, coupled with the support of policy guidance and entrepreneurship platform expansion, showing the gradual reduction of migrant workers, returning home to a substantial increase in the trend of entrepreneurs." Municipal Development and Reform Bureau relevant responsible person told the reporter, in the statistics of floating population in our city in the past three years, migrant population has increased year by year, after returning home have achieved employment, entrepreneurship, electronic commerce, materials processing, wood processing, ecological agriculture, leisure and tourism areas are popular in the industry of returning migrant workers.

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