Jiangnan Style hidden marketing methods

over the past year, the Style is in the limelight, accepted by all countries in the world, the love. So, what kind of a song behind the way of doing business? May wish to take a look at the Jiangnan Style hidden marketing methods!

if the year on global marketing miracle, "Gangnam Style" is none other than non. In July 2012, "the Style" to conquer the world from South Korea, whether Chinese or Korean, European and American people, whether there is money, big boss company or a small staff of "Gangnam Style" for having heard it many times to follow suit. PSY Jiangnan uncle in MV to hip-hop style followed by funny, its own horse style dance and deep infectious music rhythm, so that the world is crazy, just like the world’s most popular Style in 2012.

"Gangnam Style" success, not only let the album, also the output of Korean culture to the world. Therefore, Korean culture, sports and Tourism Ministry decided to be called "horse dance king" PSY, awarded the Republic of Korea mass culture art award in the "jade crown culture Medal" in recognition of his great contribution to Korean culture and art. "Gangnam Style" team the fame and fortune, the hugely popular, South Korean popular culture wrote a legend page!

"Gangnam Style" became popular around the world, is a classic case of marketing. PSY uncle Jiangnan not rich handsome handsome Korean singer, singing is also not Faye Wong level music, dance is not the Korean heartthrob Rain level of professional dance, such as "product" was popular in the world, attracted international media attention, including marketing elements, worthy of reference and learning. Look at the success of "Gangnam Style", not only luck, which implied the at least three marketing elements.

followed by the blessing and promotion of celebrity, or is due to the promotion of public relations communication. It is reported that in July 15, 2012, Jiangnan Style released to YouTube on the MV, the initial click rate is not ideal. The turning point is at the end of July the music agent Skut? Braun and >

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