Lhasa advanced double door held in recognition of the general assembly

recently in the Tibet area of Lhasa City, held a advanced double door "to create activities in recognition of the general assembly, in order to encourage the people of the Tibet region, quickly out of poverty, worthy of attention. And after recognition, can promote the further development of a harmonious society, and promote the progress of society as a whole.

to promote the development and common prosperity, the household income combined with poverty, support and guide the masses to take "household household units + company + farmers", the establishment of the organization for economic cooperation and development, skills training, income support projects, promote industrial base households, households, with benefits to enjoy, to broaden the sources of income. Last year, Tibet in the form of microcredit UNPROFOR at 1 billion 230 million yuan, the new economic organizations and economic entities more than 1 thousand, driven by 18 thousand 76 thousand people to get rich, to achieve an increase of 130 million yuan.

at the same time, adhere to the "advanced double door" to create activities and the prevention and treatment, urban grid management combine to carry out the contradictions and disputes, regulate the safety hazard remediation work, eliminate all kinds of contradictions hidden from the source, strict precautions against all illegal and criminal activities. A year ago, the household units involved in the patrol of 600 thousand passengers, investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes 8500, eliminate security risks 36 thousand.

the success of the recognition of the general assembly, so that people see the significance of the recognition of the significance of the general assembly, but also to enhance the enthusiasm of the people, is conducive to further carry out the work of poverty alleviation in Lhasa. At the same time to educate and guide the masses out of poverty to work on, to educate and guide the masses in four people to work on, to guide the masses to strengthen national unity in education efforts, in six to educate and guide the masses to promote prevention and treatment efforts.

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