Part of catering enterprises to cope with rising prices

soaring prices, food price fluctuations, but also impact on the catering enterprises, in order to avoid losses, have to raise prices of many food companies, and the problem of the employee turnover of catering enterprises is urgent.

Increase the "

loss of food subsidies to employees"

in recent period of time since the food prices rose by food prices of food and beverage companies have said the passenger is not affected, although the short term price by way of share the pressure, but most of the catering enterprises that food prices on the long-term existence of business impact. "Daily economic news" in an interview found that the majority of production-oriented enterprises in order to retain workers, have introduced policies to increase food subsidies.

8 earlier this month, the new Shanghai commercial city management office within the region a number of large and medium-sized catering enterprises to carry out the investigation, the survey results show that the recent rise in food prices for food and beverage business has a direct impact, but the impact is limited. Mostly for commercial consumption of high-end dining, food and beverage prices slightly increase the impact on its consumer object is not large, and the general leisure restaurant food price adjustment is limited, will not affect the normal passenger flow.

Investigation report:

aiming at the cost of living is a variety of food prices, many enterprises in order to retain employees, has changed in subsidies. "Last month, I started to increase employee food allowance." Shanghai, a furniture manufacturer Mr. Chen said that from the beginning of last month, the original staff of 6 yuan per person / meal standards raised to $8 per meal.

and a mold company recruiters are introduced, the company all posts to provide accommodation, but recently the company increased 150 yuan monthly living allowance for each employee. It is understood that in food prices, part of the production enterprises have been recommended

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