What are the criteria for drug placement

pharmacies are a lot of places, as long as the pharmacy has a deep understanding of the people, you will find that the drug classification is not the same. The country has a detailed classification of the relevant standards, a clear classification criteria. The drug is placed in accordance with the state’s classification of drugs for the performance, so it is conducive to strengthening the classification of prescription drugs and non prescription drugs, to avoid confusion and to avoid the occurrence of the wrong drug thing.

extra drug treatment guidelines. How to put drugs? There are two kinds of psychotropic drugs operation qualifications of pharmacies, should establish the counter register of psychotropic drugs and other drugs, can not be confused place, do not put in a particularly eye-catching position, and make the person handling, special book registration, to ensure the safety.

drug and non drug separation criteria. Non drugs should be placed in the cabinet, and the drug should not be mixed together, more can not be placed in the middle of drugs. How to put drugs? There are contraceptives, such as the operation of the family commonly used medical equipment qualifications pharmacy, medical devices should be set counters.

prescription drug set furnishings standards. How to put drugs? In view of the current prescription belongs to " dual " for the stage, must hold the prescription of drugs should be placed in purchasing and manufacturing gathered, clearly identified, to remind consumers when purchasing a prescription.

, on drug delivery to external standards. How to put drugs? In order to avoid the mutual influence of pharmaceutical ingredients, the external use and easy to be put into the drug alone, and the relative separation.

classification by use. Take the medicine for the convenience of consumers and operators, according to the classification of pharmacies should use placed drugs, such as medicine, medicine and other medicine department of traumatology.

by function placement criteria. On the basis of the classification of the placement, according to the classification of drugs to be placed in accordance with the classification of drugs, such as drug use can be divided into respiratory medicine department of internal medicine, digestive medicine, neurology medication, cardiovascular medicine, etc..

guidelines for non prescription drugs. In the above guidelines, the pharmacy in the placement of drugs, the non prescription drugs should be placed in the most eye-catching position, and as far as possible the excellent class B prescription drugs, drugs to be placed? For the convenience of consumers choose to purchase, the self medication of self health care and progress of consumers.

some western medicine and Chinese medicine cabinet placed

drugs to be placed? Some western medicine is divided into respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, gynecological medication, facial features, medication, dermatology drugs, vitamins and minerals seven categories.

is divided into divisions according to the Chinese medicine treatment inside and outside, women, children, skin, bone, facial features of seven kinds of drugs.

is not recommended standard prescription drugs

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