What are the preparatory work to do before the barbecue shop

shop can, but to have a long-term vision of development, you will say that I am not talking nonsense? Hey, you do not do not believe that many people, although it is so, but from the beginning did not do a good job, but he did not know, do not believe you look at these shops before the preparatory work you do it? Did you do that?

entrepreneurship research consulting

visits to local food and beverage market, looking for an experienced chef and have certain social skills and have a powerful friend related consulting, and maintain good relationship with them.

write business planning book

business plan should be prepared, the specific content, including: introduction, food industry analysis, competition situation, shop area analysis and investment analysis, shop scale, manpower planning, monthly cost analysis and profitability evaluation, open plan and long-term development goals, each one of these projects. Also must have detailed analysis.

venture capital

due to the limited economic capacity of a person, you can invite relatives and friends or employees stake in partnership investment (net profit divided by the amount of shares).

learning management technology

to have relevant experience in catering management advice, it is best to go to a similar barbecue shop apprentice for several months, every aspect of the work to do, learning management experience, familiar with the management details, the accumulation of practical experience.

store business valuation

barbecue shop location: should choose in the downtown area, factories, commercial office buildings, schools and other nearby working-class students or concentrated, or dock, station, traffic flow of the local population, so as to ensure that there is sufficient source shop. If one can not find the ideal store, we must have patience, keep looking, don’t give up halfway.

above to give you a summary of the need to do a good job to open barbecue shop five. As a new venture, you must master the knowledge in this area, only you do the preparatory work, you can continue to carry out the following work, in order to manage the store.

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