Choose the shops must see six factors

In fact, there are a lot of people saw

shops appreciation of space, have chosen to invest in some shops, for many operators who want to succeed, choose a shop, is not a simple thing, that how to choose?

choose either residential or buy shops,     geographical position is the most important. What are the criteria for a good location?

if you on their investment perspective is not too confident, that there is a very important factor, is to be a reference, see your     shops; the main shop around there. What is the main store? The first category, large department stores, shopping centers; second categories, all kinds of brand stores, specialty stores; the third category, a number of well-known Chinese and foreign brands restaurant. If your   shop  , close to the main store, then your success rate can be greatly improved. These large main shop, itself has a strong pulling power, they can attract tourists, creating the surrounding shops    .

4 elements — the selection of shops site conditions

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