How to price a florist

good products, but if the price does not meet the needs of the market, so that consumers are not satisfied, this shop is probably not hot, want to make money even more difficult. So, how to store the product pricing? Let Xiaobian bring you together to analyze.

One of the most important issues in the daily operation of the

florist is the pricing of each product in the store. How much profit can be obtained, and the owner of their own products have a great relationship pricing. The pricing of the product including the need to sell things in the store, including not only flowers, including floral works, plants, and other accessories.

to commodity pricing is an important principle: in the premise of not losing money, the development of the credibility of the "flower" price. Credibility refers to the relative stability of prices and acceptability. If the price is too high, will make the customer feel unbearable, affect the flower sales, resulting in slow-moving; but if the price is too low, it will directly affect the income of the florist.

the owner as a businessman, unless there is a special purpose, such as public welfare, or to build the brand, the accumulation of customers, occasionally in price to make some concessions are allowed, but in the daily operation if the pricing is set below cost, so a day flower loss more, not.

the credibility of the price based on the control of the market, for the owner, engaged in the operation of the flower shop must emphasize credibility, which is a very important operating standards, and pricing is to talk about the credibility of the beginning. Why do you say that? Just imagine, if the owner of a product pricing, even by pricing, multi day, then customers will find this shop too casual, not willing to patronize.


can set aside a certain price range for the customer, but also affected by the off-season, the season, the store price of the product is not fixed, but a longer period of time in the daily operation of the shop, pricing must be stabilized, in order to retain customers.

shop products generally include four categories, namely the flower itself, floral works, plants, and flowers and other accessories. For the price of the material itself is relatively simple, on the basis of wholesale prices, according to the expected value of the profits can be priced. The floral works pricing is relatively complicated, because the floral works in addition to the cost of raw materials, as well as labor costs and other costs, especially labor costs are not well quantified.

in the development of floral works price, can be calculated step by step: first put down the price of material itself, then calculate the flower mud, wrapping paper and other accessories prices, the cost of human again, then plus the expected profit value can be determined by the price of floral works. But for now popular green products, namely potted flowers, but also consider the.

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