West Street office was established in 6 teams 6 teams will give you 6 warmth

in order to make the street cadres better do practical, problem-solving things in May 20th, residents of the area, the provincial capital of West Street offices were set up 6 teams, to determine the service content, each service team and commitment, and service team flag.

of the 6 teams are: economic Street convenience service for one-stop service for the company and investment projects settled in the area, through the integration of various departments relevant formalities by the office of station agent; establish contact system and district units and enterprises, to provide labor resources for investors, business entities and area units, start again the new situation of employment; guide investors and enterprises to create the characteristic block industry. In order to reduce the service link, the implementation of quality services, simplify the audit methods, improve efficiency, the service team in the office of the convenience service center to establish a window, the establishment of the agency.


property market service: to build information platform for businesses, timely information and timely feedback to the relevant policies of commodity businesses; establish "vegetables and meat inspection system in the market; the timely adjustment of disputes between operators and consumers, do market infrastructure management.

youth convenience service team: residents need to permit, policy advice, unemployment attendance, laid-off workers training, you can find this team. Service personnel on the special difficulties of the object door-to-door services, residents encounter difficulties and problems need to be solved to find the service team to provide timely and targeted services.

help relief service team: the main object of service is the family life difficulties of residents and migrant workers due to unexpected events caused by the difficulties of life. On the one hand, the service team to the higher organizations, trade unions, civil affairs and other departments to fight for funds, on the other hand, organizations involved in the voluntary assistance of the jurisdiction of the unit, businesses, individuals face to face.

in addition, grassroots service team members through the way of visiting mobile party members and other family members, the community flow Party member one by one, do practical, problem-solving things flow of Party members. Petition mediation service team is responsible for accepting residents letters and visits to resolve neighborhood disputes, providing legal advice and service agents.


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