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recently approved by the National Committee at Ministry of human resources and social security, our province, third postdoctoral workstation, post doctoral research station traffic science research institute of Qinghai province formally run.

The establishment of

Qinghai Transportation Research Institute postdoctoral workstation, not only is the transportation industry in our province is big, new achievements in our province postdoctoral work and the construction of high-level talent team achieved, will become the province transportation industry to implement public entrepreneurship, innovation, "The Belt and Road, precise poverty and other major national strategy the new engine.

in 2003, the western mining Limited by Share Ltd established the first post doctoral research station in Qinghai Province, making the province postdoctoral work has made a breakthrough. In 2008, Qinghai Provincial Institute of geological survey established second postdoctoral research stations in our province. In 2015, only relying on the national experimental area permafrost observation base and pavement material durability in saline soil field research strengths and advantages of the construction, post doctoral research station traffic science research institute of Qinghai province successfully set up, so far, the province has set up a post doctoral scientific research workstation 3.

from the promotion work, actively recruit station units, the introduction of postdoctoral researchers, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, expand the Postdoctoral Science and technology research and development platform, gathered postdoctoral researchers and academic technology leaders engaged in economic and social development in our province, the effective training combined, and use a combination of research, to make a positive contribution promote the progress of science and technology for our province to carry out technological innovation and. The station postdoctoral researchers participated in 32 national and provincial key scientific research projects, 8 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award, 11 achievements in scientific research, 6 reached the international advanced level, 3 reached the leading domestic level, 2 reached the advanced level. After the transformation of some scientific and technological achievements, great economic and social benefits have been achieved.

in the future, human resources and social security departments and industry departments will be in accordance with the provincial Party committee and provincial government plans and requirements, adhere to the party in charge of personnel policy, firmly establish the talent development concept, conscientiously implement the "CPC Central Committee on deepening talent development system reform opinions", firmly relying on my province, thousands of people plan as the platform, the postdoctoral work as the implementation of talent strategy, an important starting point to strengthen the construction of high-level personnel, and for post doctoral scientific research workstation to provide policy support and efficient, high quality service, strive to play, after research station gathered talents, science and technology research and development, technological innovation and other aspects of the demonstration leading role, promote the healthy development of our province postdoctoral work.


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