Xining medical and health service center and the United Nations to carry out on site exchange of vie

In order to speed up the reform of public hospitals in our city, we should sum up and promote the typical experience in a timely manner, so as to promote the mutual learning and communication between the medical and health service centers and the medical and Health Technology Association

in order to speed up the reform of public hospitals in our city, to summarize and promote the typical experience in a timely manner, to promote the medical and health services general hospital and the medical and technical integration of mutual learning, mutual exchange. City Health Service Management Center held three Institute and East Union Communication Exhibition, invited municipal government deputy secretary general He Bin, the Ministry of health in our city public hospital reform pilot city liaison Gao Xiaowei, medical reform office, the Municipal Health Bureau leadership team members, four district health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau people coming to the city, the first, second, third, Dean of the medical and health services and Medical Technology Institute East Consortium vice president and head of the person in charge of a branch in the demonstration.

  observation will take three general hospital and the person in charge of the joint focus on the scene, field observation, discussion and other forms of communication. The head of the general hospital and the joint body of the core hospital on the strengthening of internal management, improve service model, the establishment of a good linkage mechanism of the top and bottom are introduced. To strengthen internal management, combination of core hospital of the people’s Hospital of Qinghai Province fifth to strengthen the fine, professional management, in order to play for the specialty of tumor leading brand, spare no effort to increase training, highlighting the hospital culture atmosphere, and beautify the environment, optimize service processes. Actively carry out high quality nursing service first institute is a city hospital, services continue to expand, make full use of the "talent project", and hired German foreign experts to hospital business guidance, to enhance the technical level. Second institute two hospital emergency department is to build "two platform" construction, the implementation of the "comprehensive integration" emergency department, to further optimize the service process, simplified and convenient treatment. Third general hospital that is the city’s three hospitals to optimize outpatient and medical center process layout, the Department marked eye-catching, convenient for patients to seek medical treatment. In the operating mechanism of the core hospitals and primary health care institutions, and actively play a central role, set up a special leading group and office, the development and the establishment of expert level professional and technical training, hospital perennial xiapa grassroots referral, to carry out academic exchanges and work plan system of more than 30. Play to the great and the small, weak and strong, reasonable division of labor, the role of complementary advantages, between the core and the branches of the hospital to carry out various forms of technical cooperation, personnel training, academic exchanges, guidelines, open two-way referral Easy Access, optimizing the referral process, resources between general hospital and medical institutions sharing joint body and the mutual recognition of test results. As of now, general hospital and the Commonwealth has sent 58 experts, accept the basic medical and health institutions of learning staff of 69 people, two-way referral to 167 patients, to 135 patients, community residents "serious illness in the hospital, minor illnesses in the community, rehabilitation back to the community" to form the pattern of primary medical treatment.

After the

observation, the municipal government He Bin, deputy secretary general and Municipal Health Bureau deputy director of the General Administration of the United States and the United States and the implementation of the volume of the extremely high volume of Guo Wei;

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