We will always remember the concert

The afternoon of June 12th, the beautiful Jinyintan grass with a drizzle of tenderness to greet eight side guests, came here for the first time Chinese National Symphony Orchestra actors, wearing a thick overcoat, in this distant place is the most beautiful melody.

the first tour of Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge, to create a first, a lot of history, in addition to the event itself, before, during and after the arrangement of the various activities of the tournament, to add more appreciation and attention. From the electric car parade in Xining, the first stage to start, and then to the final ending. From nine days after the ball, Pan Xiaoting arrived in Xining, then to Xue Xiaoqiu, Cao Fujia and other interpretation stars, all participants will describe events with "perfect". Green Symphony Lake concert curtain call after the event, but also the most heavyweight activities. With the sound of the wonderful music in the golden and silver grassland roundabout, the first time the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra in the country’s highest altitude concert began.

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