Xining City Commission for Discipline nspection and Supervision Bureau of the countryside cadres to

March 12th, the sky snowflakes, Snow gleams white. road to Xining City, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Birch Forest Township, on both sides of the road is extraordinarily quiet, into the township government compound has become very lively, representatives from the village of the township government is in the conference room about preach group for the tangible things and scenes "policy help, rich people, the people to worry, promote harmony" moving scene as if in front, some villagers moved to tears at that.

in an interview that, since the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau Shi Xiaolan 6 countryside cadres to carry out propaganda work of Birch Forest Township, with a high sense of responsibility, sense of mission and realistic attitude, to ensure the various preferential policies for farmers to promote the party’s place and do the work while maintaining stability, and the important content the people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood, safeguard the people’s livelihood as the countryside work task, focus on the issues related to the people’s vital interests of many, to further improve the difficulty of mass production and living conditions, to achieve the "cadres education, people get benefits target.

into the village, they according to local conditions, deep into the village, household and temples to carry out propaganda. Carry out propaganda on the policy, conduct ideological guidance, help in material. They work together in understanding the village of love, nostalgia, social conditions and sentiments, and positive ideas to find ways, through various channels, to help unite Village — wow Ben village strive to 160 thousand yuan of funds, for the village to solve and install a basketball stand in the village side, traffic accident prone area production install a U-turn warning signs; no national and provincial support attic type pollution toilet 200 to win, from the provincial press and Publication Bureau for agriculture (animal husbandry) a library project. At the same time, preaching group that part of the village the village has not yet hardened, from the provincial and municipal traffic department for rural road hardening project 32 km; for the East Village to relief flour 1000 kg. Law and computer science seminars were held in several villages. Preach group through the development of the understanding of the situation in the farmers and solve the problems in the image of farmers, farmers, farmers in the demonstration in other activities, efforts to solve the realistic problems of the masses and some farmers most hope, the most difficult and urgent, not only to further close the relationship between the party and the masses, but also by the majority of the villagers to welcome and praise. Ben: Wow village Party Secretary Ma Tingfu said excitedly: "such propaganda cadres should be more, we not only understand the party’s agricultural policy, the concept has changed, and people get a lot of benefits".


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