People tide life on behalf of members how to see

In the Internet cafe, not only is the Internet, you can also listen to music, drink coffee and eat some snacks;

play later, live longer, as long as a phone, the car will come to you;


pocketbook is a drum, a happy life more and more emboldened, Xining people’s concept of life are constantly changing, like eating sweet mouth to taste spicy, in the city of Xining people who live in constant pursuit of a new "taste", each kind of tide in the way of life in Xining, and the little drops of life changes from another side of the municipal government reflects the feelings of the people, all the time, the municipal government adhere to solve the people most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic interests in the first place of the work. Continuously improve the quality of life of urban and rural residents and the level, so that the people of Xining and gain a sense of happiness have more beautiful life. NPC and CPPCC Province, on behalf of members of the people of Xining have launched various tide of life ".

the first time I heard the company to run errands or micro-blog, see the company to run errands business is very wide, which help people to buy medicine, buy lunch, to help the people for the people to pay the fine…… I was shocked, I did not expect such a business. So there was the first attempt to let the running company to help send a document, people do not come out in 30 minutes, the delivery price is equivalent to the cost of my taxi, too convenient and quick. Now, I fell in love with this service to work overtime at noon, please send a fast-food company to run errands, afternoon to eat afternoon tea, please buy a piece of cake for me to run errands, friends birthday, please send a gift to help the company to run errands, life is so capricious.

on behalf of members of view: to cultivate the service industry development

people experience: drive to the farm;

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