Experts feel the pulse of the construction of public cultural service

Recently, an expert seminar held to create work leading group to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area office of Xining City, the meeting of experts in order to seek common ground, each one airs his own views, grasp the context, making Xining research and revision of construction planning demonstration area provides an important basis for the.The characteristics of professional and academic research with

with the underdeveloped areas in Xining City, the city meeting the requirements of various departments and regions to cherish the opportunity to implement the objectives, give full play to the market allocation of cultural resources, establish a long-term mechanism to create work, the successful completion of the objectives and tasks of the work of creating. In the existing network on the basis of the construction of public cultural facilities, the use of social management innovation network, distance education network, the county people’s government portal network such as network infrastructure, and vigorously promote the practical demonstration area to create a national public cultural service system, the existing constraints and problems to the public and give full play to inform, suggestions and proposals the role of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, and strive to achieve the creation of public cultural demonstration area, the grand goal of promoting economic and social development.  

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