Chase third picking Festival Officially Launched

from April 26th to 30, sponsored by the Provincial Tourism Bureau, Datong County and other relevant units, departments of Qinghai · Datong third facilities agricultural tourism characteristics picking Festival and the Silk Road 227 line three County Tourism Alliance launch ceremony. A stretch of strawberry leaves scattered in the grains such as agate; Bending Branches of Nectarine make people intoxicated. The morning of April 26th, to "walk through the spring, mining characteristics of fruits and vegetables; meet the chase, be happy." as the theme of the third session of the Qinghai · Datong facilities agricultural tourism characteristics of fruit and vegetable picking festival was officially launched. The event attracted a large number of tourists, people enjoy the wonderful theatrical performances at the same time, into various types of fruit and vegetable greenhouses, personally experience farm work, harvest fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables.

reporter learned from the scene, at present, Datong County, the existing modern agricultural demonstration park 17, rural tourism reception point of 113, the number of rural tourism reception points up to 1109 people. Star Rural Tourism reception point 15, fully formed a unique chase mode". In recent years, Datong County Based on resources, and constantly enrich the new connotation of modern agriculture chase mode, explore out of a modern leisure agriculture and rural tourism integration development in new ways, facility agriculture has gradually changed from fine vegetable production to flower and fruit characteristics of planting and leisure sightseeing agriculture development, rural tourism has gradually from a single business to the farmhouse leisure agriculture, rural experience and cultural consumption development direction.

held the picking festival to attract eight friends to chase leisure tourism, the fruit and flower for the media, to experience personally picking Festival friends, the joy of harvest! In addition to the development of the county tourism culture in Datong County, Datong County, Qilian County Joint Menyuan County formed the Silk Road 227 line tourism cooperation alliance, which is the three county thoroughly implement the provincial government to accelerate the integration of embodiment of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" strategy, it is the circle of three line Qinghai. "The north line of the tourism market, explore a bold attempt to establish a regional tourism cooperation operation mechanism.


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