400 people planting trees to protect the mother river

April 25th, Nanchuan River ushered in a number of special guests, 1400 youth representatives of the Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League organization in the main venue and the area of Nanchuan river at the venue to carry out national action to protect the mother river of Qinghai Xining project voluntary tree planting activities. Since March 1999, our province has a total of about 3000000 members of the youth to participate in voluntary tree planting and planting grass and all kinds of protection of ecological environment. At the same time, the League Committee actively take social oriented mode of operation, inside and outside the province wide about 25000000 yuan to raise funds in our province have implemented national action to protect the mother river of Longyangxia reservoir, Yushu tree planting black beach governance and Maduo along the the Yellow River 13 County Youth Mu demonstration grassland construction and other key brand items. The national protection of the mother river of the people’s Liberation Army youth forest project is the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the General Political Department of the people’s Liberation Army to promote ecological civilization, build a beautiful China launched a national youth ecological protection project. Young people’s Liberation Army Lin Qinghai Xining project by the provincial Party committee report, the central mission approved by the end of 2014 was identified as the national protection of the mother river in the year of action construction projects in 2013. The project construction area of 4000 acres, an investment of $2 million, more than 800 yuan local matching. The event, on behalf of the young people in our city launched a "joint action to the province the majority of young people, for our beautiful Sanjiang" initiative, the people’s Liberation Army Political Department Youth Bureau will also donated 2 million yuan army youth project funds donated to the city district government, and to protect the mother river of PLA youth forest jiebei.  

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