National Day of joy and harmony long holidays those who stick to the line

During the National Day golden week, most people work troubles aside and the pressure of the life, or family reunion, or visiting friends and relatives, or go sightseeing, rest or play, but there is still a group of people, quietly stick in the workplace, with their hard work in exchange for the convenience of people’s lives during the festival.

as long as the driver said thank you, all the grievances are worth

Hello, May you be safe throughout the journey!" In October 1st National Day, Chaoyang highway toll station, the "angel" toll Zhao Lizheng skillfully working, in the ordinary post for 7 years, she can not remember the number of holidays is spent on the job. The 27 year old Zhao Li has a gentle and amiable face, spoke weak Eclisse, in the ordinary post, she had to create extraordinary results: 2012 charges more than one hundred yuan, the car more than one hundred thousand vehicles, without a mistake, the attendance rate of 100%, each month, civilized language service with a smile the performance was the highest total, almost every month was named "smile service model".

, we are also named Xiao Zhao national model workers, which is the first National Bureau of the Provincial Bureau of model workers!" ChaoYang Railway Station Liu proud to introduce. Due to the special nature of the work, Zhao Li, like all the toll collectors, can not guarantee holidays and weekends. "In fact, played drums just to work, think not only can not rest, often do not understand the driver was abused.

over the years, the owners also gradually understand our hard work, as long as they say ‘thank you’ ‘hard’, to ensure that all my grievances are May you be safe throughout the journey., worth." "24 hours standby must not take personal emotion"

National Day on the same day, the Xining train station passenger train station west pedestrians monitor maintenance work area of the strong stand in the sun with a railway safety maintenance. Tu squad in the railway line spent 15 spring and autumn, his duty is to maintain smooth train, safe and uninterrupted operation, to ensure that the work area within 20 km without any problems. As the train safety monitor with the same guard front-line workers, the maintenance work area has more than 90 people only during the National Day Golden week.

" our work can not have the slightest careless, a little slack is absolutely essential, the holidays can not rest, not with the family is already a homely food. I’m still good, a lot of workers are more than and 50 years old, still doing physical activity, 24 hours standby, often a phone call back to the post in the middle of the night, they are the hardest. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the train, we are to give up a small home, Gu everyone, colleagues are very understanding, no one will be able to work with emotion. " monitor the monitor.

" Paul electric member are homebodies "

just as the people celebrate the National Day holiday, the State Grid Qinghai electric power dispatching control center hall, quiet only a few dozen;

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