Left behind children 30 wishes to achieve

In May 27th, "61" the international children’s day, women’s Federation held the child to the party in Huangzhong County · DOPA center kindergarten; help the dream China "to celebrate" 61 "loving mother and migrant children in dreams activities. In the activities of the 30 parents love to help 30 left behind children to achieve a small wish of the 30.

it is understood that the current left behind children in the city has nearly 30 thousand, with the development of foreign entrepreneurs and migrant workers continue to rise, is still increasing. In order to let the children can also enjoy family like other children’s care, in the municipal government under the advocacy of women’s federations at all levels in our city, led the formation of a loving mother team, now has 1059 real love mom. At the same time, Huangzhong County Center DOPA kindergarten as a private kindergarten has 676 children to enter kindergarten, migrant children are the left-behind children 106, 55 children, these children will not want to accompany their parents, is a happy children’s day six, the Municipal Women’s Federation organized the 30 love my parents, by Children’s Day approaching, brought the wish card for these children, 30 small wish 30 children 11 met. According to the person in charge, the parents of these children because working outside year round, children from lack of care, need from the concern of the whole society, even if it is a word, a small gift can also let the children feel warm.


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