Beishan lighting switch time switch time is 20 to 23

over the past few days, people call the newspaper news hotline 96369 reflect, Xining, North and south of the mountain lights every night too early, until the morning of the second day did not turn off, too wasteful. April 16th, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining, Beishan lighting switch time has been adjusted to 20 points to 23 points.

it is understood that Beishan lighting project by the city of Xining science and Technology Tourism Bureau of the north area of construction, lighting switch time by the North District government management. Currently, the light switch time has been adjusted to 20 to 23.

Nanshan Mountain lighting project by the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau, Guangxi five Hong Construction Group Co., Ltd. construction, the project is currently in the construction phase, has not yet completed. The Nanchuan road public security environment is poor, many night lighting facilities and cable theft phenomenon. In order to prevent the theft of cables and lighting facilities, construction units to extend the lighting time, I hope the public understand. (author: Wu Yachun)

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