More than 10000 candidates yesterday to see the examination room

soothing music, the fountain in the sun and sky…… June 6th at 3 in the afternoon, Xining fifth college entrance examination on time candidates open. Reporters in Xining seven, Xining five test sites to see, warm tips, and other slogans to encourage the layout of the examination room, so that the candidates and parents to see the examination room is particularly satisfied. Yesterday afternoon 3 points to 6 points, Xining City, the entrance examination of the college entrance examination of the 15 thousand students. Xining city 10 point everything is ready, only open today.

warm tips warm

2:40 yesterday afternoon, Xining seven in the doorway, has been part of the candidates and parents waiting. The door on the left side of the post, posted a notice, Xining city traffic police department about the college entrance examination during the school gate sections of the implementation of traffic control of the banned students from carrying mobile phone and other communication tools and reminder on admission, admission ticket and ID card.

test sites in Xining, the campus is located in the eye-catching position of the exposure table, report box, posted the examination room schematic, candidates notes, irregularities, etc., with a spare examination room, medical room. "Just enter the examination room, with a clear conscience to answer" perfect the details of achievements, win the confidence of success"…… The test sites or with electronic screen, or with a variety of color slogans, to remind candidates.

most candidates themselves to the examination room

3 o’clock in the afternoon, Xining seven test center of the electronic door slowly open. Candidates have been waiting outside the entrance to the test site. Reporters found that in nearly a hundred candidates, nearly 70% of the candidates, either alone or with a group of people, talking and laughing into the school gate, only a small number of candidates accompanied by parents. Similarly, Xining fifth and other test sites, in 10 minutes, the reporter found that the candidates look at the examination room, the vast majority of the choice of the bus to see their own examination.

seven in Xining on the doorstep of the store on the steps, the four boys sitting together to chat. These boys said that they are seven of the graduates, the exam in the middle of the seven, is the home battle".

"my father and mother had been nagging me for a few days ago to see the examination room." The high school attached to the university entrance exam, said Xiao Tao naughty, when it is into the University before the exercise bar.

each examination room has 31 stools

reporter in Xining three, seven, tiger Taiwan High School and other test sites to see, each examination room in front of the wall, there is a video probe. Reporters from Xining three monitoring room to see, each examination room of each location, including the front and rear doors are clearly visible, there is no dead corner. In addition to all the candidates in the examination hall of the 30 candidates in the desks and stools, there is only one extra stool. The rest of the benches were all cleared out of the examination room.

Xining city Zhaoban director in the river, this year’s college entrance examination, the invigilator is not only high school teachers, and the implementation of a candidates invigilator avoidance system. Invigilator and candidates, but also through the security door to accept security, while teachers are not allowed to bring mobile phone admission. (author: Chen Jun)

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