Qinghai Province focus on demonstrating the achievements of the establishment of the youth civilizat

in order to deepen the guidance of young professional civilization, and promote the creation of continuous innovation and development, from November 24th to 25, the provincial Party committee held in Xining, Qinghai plateau youth civilization to create the results of the performance and backbone training activities. The city state committee, the Provincial Bureau of work group, provincial enterprises responsible comrades of the Communist Youth League, 2015 – 2016 annual Qinghai plateau youth civilization creating collective and responsible comrades, 137 people attended.

show, the youth civilization created by the collective "Yilabao +3 minutes to explain", to fully display their activities and create outstanding achievements. The delegation of state, provincial organs work committee, in Luqiao G310 line along the highway second project department, 54 in oil gas station and other 10 units, take PPT (or VCR) + speech "for the exchange of experience speaking, showcasing the province’s industries youth civilization and excellent style. Representatives of the scene to observe the results of performance, exchange speeches, mutual evaluation and learning. At the end of the show, all the team leaders have received special training.

During the

activities, the creation of a collective representation of the three groups were observed in the provincial women’s compulsory isolation drug rehabilitation unit, the Provincial Department of kindergarten, the Province Hing Hing highway bridge engineering company, such as the creation of 3 units. The results of the performance, combined with the focus of the review and the creation of the unit’s daily work, will be a comprehensive assessment of the annual Qinghai plateau youth civilization collective, and in 2017 54 during the name recognition.

in recent years, Qinghai plateau youth civilization work to create a wide coverage of public security, transportation, health, communications, public services and other 27 industries (system), 2015-2016 annual report prepared to create a national youth civilization 90, provincial youth civilization 108. Create the youth civilization development in the service of young employees, promote innovation and efficiency to create units of excellence, has played a positive role in boosting economic and social development, fully highlighted the Communist Youth League advantage, highlighting the Qinghai youth style.


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