Strong momentum across the province’s new energy trade

reporter from the State Grid Qinghai electric power company was informed that, according to the recent provincial government and the Jiangsu provincial government signed the 2016 young electric delivery of the Soviet Union framework agreement, in 2016, Qinghai will be delivered to the new energy power of 500 million kwh. Currently, the company is actively organizing the implementation of the agreement, plans to start formal transmission since late October.

for the implementation of the national energy strategy, to promote the Qinghai new energy in the greater area of consumptive, our province and the eastern provinces take the initiative to strengthen communication and coordination of power input, optimize the allocation of resources through the power market, since March this year, Qinghai surplus PV power for the first time delivery of East China 80 million kwh, Qinghai power grid has accumulated through cross provincial transactions to the East and central 174 million kilowatts of new energy consumption, to achieve the transformation of new energy consumptive market in the province by mainly to the outside market development, the advantages of large-scale remote transmission power of the UHV power grid is emerging.


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