Province opened the golden season of tourism curtain

In May the great beauty of Qinghai plateau, full of spring green machine, colorful tourism new, ready to meet the foreign guests. In May 19th, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, culture and News Publishing Bureau and the Xining municipal government jointly organized the 2014 "China Tourism Day" theme activities in Qinghai and the twelfth Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival started in more than and 200, travel agencies, tourist attractions, hotels and other businesses and thousands of tourists residents to participate in the celebration.

with "xiadou Xining" fame, Xining "new tourism image of cool, clean, pure heart", in the tourism infrastructure construction, the development of scenic spots and tourism activities, pay attention to inject cultural elements and cultural connotation, this year, Xining city will further mobilize tourists to participate in the "summer tour of Xining" series of activities and the tourism industry to play in expanding domestic demand, the cultural heritage of the role, the formation of "Week activities, the quarter highlights the tourism boom.  

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