Xining food safety regulation

In order to effectively protect the Mid Autumn Festival, national day food safety work, recently, the Xining municipal organization to carry out two food safety regulation work, timely elimination of food safety risks.

"two" period is the peak period of food consumption, the district and county government food safety office and the municipal government food safety committee member units will be intensive inspection, to prevent food safety accidents, organize food safety special law enforcement inspection, to ensure food safety during the two.

the remediation work in urban high, all kinds of food wholesale markets, bazaars, tourist attractions, stations and other key areas, to undertake during the festival of the wedding, large gatherings, tourism group meals catering service units, tourist hotels, family restaurants, small dining table as the key units, increase the moon cake meat, poultry, vegetables, beans, and rice, noodles, edible oil, dairy products, fruits, wine, aquatic products, health food, halal food and other key species and supervise local food festivals such as hot food sampling and risk monitoring efforts, crackdown selling counterfeit and shoddy food.   read more

Xining East held Youth Science and technology contest

in order to strengthen the innovation consciousness of primary school students, improve students’ interest in learning scientific knowledge, in September 28th, the city of Xining in East Primary School held a youth science and technology competition. The primary school belonged to the contestants who made all kinds of bizarre gadgets, the contest to become a beautiful scenery line.

in the game, the students will be thinking and practice their broad combination produced such as space shuttle model, aircraft carrier model, solar fan every kind of small invention, showing the students practical ability and the infinite reverie for the future science and technology. At the same time, the competition also fully embodies the concept of environmental protection. With the production of a basket of flowers, miniature Mongolia package creative novel, exquisite workmanship, many of the unnecessary waste in daily life, in the hands of the contestants treasure. (author: Su Jianping) read more

Xining City North District will be put into use the first sanitation apartment

July 28th, the reporter learned from the North District Urban Management Bureau, in order to improve the living conditions of the sanitation workers in the area, the city of the north to create sanitation workers will be put into use sanitation workers apartment.

it is understood that in Chengbei district environmental sanitation workers work ideas rich cultural activities, the protection of workers health and medical conditions, invested more than 110 yuan in the families of the mountains will create the unified purchase 50 sets of housing has become the first apartment in the north area of sanitation. The total construction area of 4752 square meters of sanitation apartments, with staff canteen, staff home, medical center, standard model room and other functional rooms. Among them, the staff of the home in addition to television also has an Internet surfing room, library reading room, chess, etc.. Built in the North District Sanitation apartment, not only provides a comfortable home for front-line sanitation workers, but also to provide health care services in the presence of a fever, cold and other emergencies in the sanitation workers. Currently, such as the north of the city dedicated to the establishment of health care workers in the center of the northwest five provinces is still the first. (author: Tang Rong Wei Yunlong)
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The second session of the start of the contest on the 19

in order to fully stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of national innovation in our province, attracting a number of talents and projects landing, establish a number of innovation and entrepreneurship typical, October 19th, 20, the province will hold the "China Bank Cup" second session of Qinghai province entrepreneurship competition. This competition by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of finance, provincial science and Technology Department, the Communist Youth League of Qinghai provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial economic and Information Committee, the provincial administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau, provincial women’s Federation and other 11 units jointly organized this contest is ready. read more

Zhang Ximing stressed the importance of in depth study of the spirit of the central government to pr

focuses on General Secretary Xi Jinping in the national literary Zuodaihui, National University of Ideological and political work, the first national civilized family in recognition of the general assembly to implement the spirit of the important speech, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing in December 14 to 16 in the investigation of the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous prefecture.

in the state Federation and Delingha City, Wulan county cultural units, Zhang Ximing and everyone in-depth exchanges, emphasizes the outstanding literary works is crystallization of life and passion deep masses burst out, to put forward by General Secretary Xi "four wishes" as the guideline, the vivid practice of art ideals into economic and social development, national unity and progress, ecological civilization, Qinghai to build the spiritual heights with bones, morality, temperature masterpieces. At Career Technical College, he stressed that the ideological and political work in relation to cultivate what kind of people, how to develop and cultivate the fundamental issues of who should bear in mind the General Secretary Xi of the socialist university "four service" positioning requirements, adhere to the moral education is a central link, the ideological and political work throughout the entire process of education the whole education and all-round education. In Wulan County Xi Li Gou Zhen Xi Zhuang Cun, he emphasized the vivid experience summed up the promotion of primary focus on family, family, family, play a leading role model, implement the requirements of the general secretary, to mobilize the broad participation of all sectors of society to promote the formation of socialist family civilization new fashion. read more

The Huangshui River County water quality according to Quarterly Bulletin

The reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, this year is to determine the Huangshui River Basin water quality to achieve stability of the province’s total water environmental function zoning standards of grade IV goal of the year, our province will unremittingly promote the Huangshui River pollution control, and strengthen the environmental quality objectives of local government responsibility, from this year as a unit at the county level on a quarterly basis of water quality. Briefing section.

to continue to improve the quality of the Huangshui River, this year, our province will accelerate the upgrading of urban sewage treatment facilities revamping construction schedule. Strive to October, Datong, Huangyuan, Huangzhong, and other eastern people, Gan River sewage treatment plant mentioned standard transformation operation. The pollution control and ecological restoration, landscape construction more closely together, on the basis of Ning Lake Wetland operation, and actively promote the construction of sewage treatment plant tail water wetland in Ledu, and people, mutual aid, Huangyuan and other places. As far as possible to reduce the amount of sewage into the river, improve the utilization rate of recycling of water resources, and actively promote the construction of facilities for plant water reuse in Datong, Huangzhong county to promote sewage treatment, water used for watering green, street sprinkler dust, improve the utilization rate of industrial water. Comprehensive control of pollutant emissions, centralized treatment of industrial agglomeration pollution, focusing on textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and other industries to achieve a breakthrough in the depth of corporate governance to achieve stable discharge standards. Combined with the pollution reduction, forcing the scale of the scale of the farm (plot) supporting the construction of sewage treatment facilities, the implementation of fecal sewage recycling. At the same time continue to do a good job of good lakes and important water source protection, strengthen water quality monitoring and timely reporting of monitoring results, to protect the ecological environment of water safety.   read more

Support our province to build new energy power generation base

Attended the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee of the four meeting of the Committee of the province, Zhang Zhouping, Qinghai, proposed to support the construction of new energy power generation base.

Ren Qing Jia, Zhang Zhouping believes that Qinghai sunshine for a long time, the intensity of radiation is the most abundant solar energy in the region, especially in the Qaidam Basin, Gonghe basin, there is a wealth of wind energy resources. The peak load of hydropower reservoirs in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. In our province, with the construction of large wind power and photovoltaic and thermal conditions, vigorously develop new energy for steady growth, structural adjustment, improve energy structure, has very important significance to ensure energy supply, but also through the exploration and summary in the country to promote the experience and practice, make an important contribution to improving the energy structure. To this end, our province of Qinghai will be built a new energy base in the country’s biggest target, through large-scale photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind and hydroelectric power to compensate for each other, to form a controllable adjustable new energy power generation, for the realization of multi energy complementary, improve energy structure, make a significant contribution to safeguard energy security. read more

Xining will support the development of Tibetan Medicine

In order to deepen the reform of medical care system, further support and promote the development of Tibetan medicine, recently, the Xining Municipal People’s government issued "opinions on supporting and promoting the development of Tibetan medicine industry in Xining city" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), Xining city will strengthen from Tibetan Medicine service ability construction, highlight the characteristics and advantages, expand the scope of service and other aspects, to strengthen the support of Tibetan medicine development.

to 2020, in the administrative area did not set up in Tibetan medicine hospital, with the introduction of social capital in the way of the new 1 Tibetan Medicine Hospital; the city’s two hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy in clinical settings in accordance with the national standard, Chinese medicine beds accounted for a total of 5% beds; the city’s two in the Chinese medicine hospital beds in total beds 50% goals.

in addition, will be carried out in Tibetan medicine research and development, and promote the harmonious development of medicine in Tibetan medicine; vigorously promote the inheritance and innovation, do a good job in the Tibetan medicine Tibetan medicine in succession, accelerate scientific and technological progress and innovation, increase in Tibetan medicine Tibetan medicine Jia Dazhong cultural construction; talent cultivation; give full play in Tibetan medicine preventive care characteristics and advantages to strengthen the construction of hospital informatization; Tibetan medicine; Tibetan medicine culture communication and exchanges to accelerate.  
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Xining City the first recognition of the 80 virtues

In June 29th, Xining City, the first virtue of youth Star Award in recognition of awards people in the central square stage was held, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Education Department official, city leaders Wang Haihong, Du Shupin, Zhang Ying, municipal committee director Bao Fuyuan and the relevant departments responsible person to attend and for the 10 Summer Youth "" 70, "the virtues of youth" award, Wang Haihong on behalf of the municipal government to the recognition of the 80 by virtue of youth and congratulate speech. read more

Xining preganglionic condolences to send supplies to the village

On the eve of the Spring Festival

, municipal authorities Authority to Dongxia township of Huangyuan county to the village of blue accounted for, 25 poor households sent 10 thousand yuan worth of cotton, rice and other holiday supplies.

in January 29th, accounting for the village in the blue, I saw an old man surnamed Dong, because of physical disabilities, the elderly action is very inconvenient, carefully understanding that: the old man’s wife is also disabled, since her daughter married, leaving the old two had each other, life is very difficult. There is a 74 year old man in the village, the only son suffering from mental illness, life can not take care of themselves, the elderly do not have a source of income, life is also very tight, like this difficult households, the village a total of 25. The blue village of mountain area located in the brain for the inconvenience of traffic, the main economic source of the village is relying on the export of labor services, so many "double female households" in marrying the daughter, only the loss of labor man depended on each other in the village, the village also has many "double residual households", two children have no physical disability economic source, in the face of this situation, since the city to carry out the "one thousand rural Party branch hand in hand" activity, municipal authorities Authority and the village formed a helping pair, every Chinese new year, will carry out condolences warmth activities. (author: Wang Qiong)
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