Watch Widespread Panic Cover Dylan, Johnny Nash In Smokin’ Savannah Tour Closer

first_imgWidespread Panic has been on fire throughout a lengthy winter tour, starting at the Mexican destination event Panic En La Playa and working their way through much of the Southeast. The band brought it back to Georgia for the closer, playing their hearts out to a packed house in Savannah, GA’s Civic Center. The band opened with “A of D” before playing “The Last Straw.” Check out “A of D > The Last Straw” below:The first set also contained a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan,” closing out with “Blackout Blues.” Set two then opened up with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” which you can watch belo via Dave Lake:The second set was framed by “Driving Song,” which also included “Tie Your Shoes,” Traffic’s “Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys,” “Arleen,” “Papa’s Home,” and “Red Hot Mama.” The set ended with the first “Flat Foot Flewzy” in 171 shows!The encore provided for a nice moment, as the band thanked their road crew and office staff before playing “Lawyers, Guns & Money.” After “Porch Song,” the band concluded their tour with a cover of Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now.” Enjoy it below, courtesy of Mike Cianciolo on YouTube:The full setlist can be seen below via PanicStream:Setlist: Widespread Panic at the Civic Center, Savannah, GA – 2/26/16Set 1: A of D, The Last Straw > Up All Night, Sell Sell, Bust It Big, First We Take Manhattan, Tail Dragger, Rock, Bowlegged Woman, Blackout BluesSet 2: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Driving Song > Tie Your Shoes > Low Spark of High Heeled Boys > Arleen > Papa’s Home > Drums > Papa’s Home > Red Hot Mama > Low Spark of High Heeled Boys > Driving Song, Chilly Water, Flat Foot Flewzy Encore: Lawyers Guns & Money, Porch Song, I Can See Clearly NowNotes: ‘Flat Foot Flewzy’ LTP 10/26/2013 Austin (171 shows); ‘LG&M’ dedicated to the road crew and Brown Cat office stafflast_img read more

Watch The Infamous Stringdusters’ Stripped Down Performance Of Grateful Dead’s ‘Jack Straw’

first_imgThe Infamous Stringdusters played an excellent show for the Wonderland Ballroom in Portland, Oregon back in February. In their set was a particularly captivating Grateful Dead cover. The acoustic bluegrass rendition of “Jack Straw” is certainly enjoyable and full of energy, so take a listen below:You can purchase the entire show via LiveDownloads, here.Setlist: The Infamous Stringdusters at The Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR – 2/19/16:Set One: Hobo Song, Cluck Ole Hen, My Destination, Get On With It, One More Bridge, I’ll Get Away, Sunny Side Of The Mountain, Heady Festy, In God’s Country, Old Whiskey Bottle, Old Joe ClarkSet Two: Colorado, I’m Head Over Heels In Love, Machines, Ladders In The Sky, Cash On The Barrelhead, I Believe, Run To Heaven, The Hitchhiker, The Places I’ve Been, Fire, Travelin’ Teardrop Blues, After Midnight, Angeline The Baker, Jack Straw, Getting Down The RoadEncore: Cripple Creeklast_img read more

Dopapod Funks Hard In New Studio Session Video For ‘Super Bowl’

first_imgDopapod has been on fire during their current spring tour, introducing new music and fine tuning their classics for some great performances. During the first months of 2016, Dopapod spent some time in the studio, working up some new originals to take out on the road.Among them, the new song “Super Bowl” has shined in the live setting. Fortunately, the band has taken us back to the song’s origins, as they’ve shared some crisp, in-studio footage of the new tune.Recorded at a studio in Saugerties, NY (just down the road from the “Pink House”), it’s mkdevo who filmed and edited the video for this new song. No wonder why it looks so good! Check out the video below:Dopapod also just recently announced some summer tour dates, which you can check here.last_img read more

Disc Jam Daily Schedules Are Here

first_imgWith just two weeks to go until this year’s Disc Jam Music Festival, the annual summer event has fans very excited with the release of daily schedules.last_img

Getting To Know Spafford, The Best Jam Band You Haven’t Heard Yet

first_imgHead to Spafford’s website for information on all upcoming shows! “We Jam.”That is the simplest way Spafford can describe themselves and their sound. In an era of music where the electronic scene is booming and the jam band generation is constantly looking for organic improvisation and creativity, Spafford stands out as a refreshing new sound. As the band gears up for a Fall Tour that will see them head East of Colorado for the first time, Spafford is excited to bring their special brand of ElectroFunkTherapy to new audiences.Hailing from Arizona, the four piece band is comprised of Brian Moss (Guitar), Jordan Fairless (Bass), Red Johnson (Keys), and Nick Tkacyk (Drums). According to Fairless, one of the things that makes the band unique is “the diversity and freedom that comes from having 5 different song writers/lyricists in the band which never really conform to any one specific genre. Even Chuck (Johnson) our lighting guru writes lyrics for our songs, though he can’t play any instrument besides the recorder. That and the freedom of improvisation; it is similar to a good game of chess. I like having to think and also never having to really play the same song twice.”Spafford has built a following the old fashioned way, through playing and word of mouth. Fairless explains, “The band formed when Brian and I met in 2009 and started playing at open mics together, but we didn’t know it… We got people to dance so we kept doing it. We accidentally started the band as it is now when we get offered our first gig for New Years Eve 2009-10 and the rest is kind of history from there.”In recent months, a buzz has begun to build around the band and their jamming prowess which has lead to the upcoming “Breakout Fall Tour” that will see the band play nine shows in CO and the Midwest.A diverse range of sounds and influences including but not limited to Phish, alternative rock, bluegrass, and even gospel has lead the band to craft a sound that can cover an array of different genres minute to minute.“I usually just ask people if they like to dance and tell them we probably play at least one style of music they are in to. The band is so eclectic that it is difficult to describe the music to people, I prefer to explain the different genres we like to dabble in and how each night is a different experience based on how we are feeling and what we have been studying.”The Fall tour represents a big moment in the band’s history as they are ready to get their music to as many new fans as possible. “I could not be more excited. Brian and I have been at this for nearly seven years and the other guys almost 5 and we are ready to show the rest of the country what we have been creating out there in the high desert of Arizona.”Fans of lengthy improvisation will surely want to hear what Spafford is doing. It has become a huge part of the bands identity and creative expression. It’s not unusual for jams to go well past the 20 or even 30 minute mark at a Spafford show. Fairless explains, “improv is the most important. From a selfish perspective, I don’t want to be in a band that goes city to city playing the same setlist and programmed show every night. From the fan’s perspective, I believe that the mystery of each night and its potential to lead us all to a special moment through improv is what keeps people so interested.”Spafford jams have a keen sense of patience and slow groove building that is harder and harder to find in the scene today. “It just kind of started happening as we played together more, and, as we took note of that, we started to try and develop it. Sometime I love it when we hold a foundation and Brian just shreds, he is after all the best and most tasteful guitar player I have ever met. Still, my favorite moments on stage are when we are taking turns developing the groove piece by piece. Then finally it is ready to drop and we let it and all the hands go up and the booties shake. That is what life is all about.”For an incredible example of this, the band holed up in a cabin in Colorado last winter and live streamed 90 minutes of improvisation, which can be heard below.last_img read more

Watch Chali 2na & Naughty Professor Perform The Music of Jurassic 5 On Current Tour [Pro-Shot]

first_imgThis week, jazzy New Orleans-based funk group Naughty Professor are hitting the East Coast with their friend and new touring partner, Chali 2na. On their tour, Naughty Professor and Chali 2na will collaborate on originals from both catalogs, and perform the music of Jurassic 5.The dynamic pairing are ready to rock after collaborating on Naughty Professor’s forthcoming record, and the artists have released a new pro-shot video that showcases their chemistry on stage. In the video, you can see Chali 2na performing a medley of Jurassic 5 hits at The Joy Theatre in New Orleans, with Naughty Professor providing a horn-heavy beat to make this a truly unique performance.Check out the video below, as well as a list of tour dates for Naughty Professor and Chali 2na.10/12: Washington, DC – The Hamilton – Buy Tickets10/13: Ardmore, PA – The Ardmore Music Hall – Buy Tickets10/14: Pittsburgh, PA – James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy – Buy Tickets10/15: Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Iron Works – Buy Tickets10/16: Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl – Buy Ticketslast_img read more

Stevie Wonder Equates Voting For Trump To Asking Him To Drive

first_imgBlind superstar Stevie Wonder has been vocal in his support for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in tomorrow’s Presidential election. In an interview with after his Get Out The Vote concert in Philadelphia on Friday, Wonder posed a hilariously frank analogy about the prospect of electing Trump: “If you had an emergency situation and needed to go to the hospital, and you had to get there right away, would you want me driving your car?” he asked, to which the reporter replied “no.” He then added, tongue-in-cheek, “Because I’m not an experienced driver, right?”After calling out the Republican nominee for his racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, and generally intolerant rhetoric, Wonder continued, “I mean, c’mon! This is not a reality show. This is life in reality. So I’m with her because I believe in where we are,  and where we are going to go. I have always believed that America is great. We’re just going to make it greater.”Don’t put a blind man in the driver’s seat, America. Get out and vote today.[h/t Huffington Post]last_img read more

Watch PHO & The Motet’s Lyle Divinsky Funk Out On Morris Day Cover

first_imgMinneapolis funk band, PHO, is fresh off of a hot New Year’s run with The Motet. During the December 29th performance at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, WI, the group was joined by The Motet’s front man, Lyle Divinsky, to perform a tribute to the legendary Minneapolis music scene with a Morris Day and The Time classic, “The Bird.”Check out a video of this high-energy Minneapolis tribute in the video of the performance below. Divinsky literally becomes “The Bird” for the celebratory jam.PHO is currently prepping to release their sophomore album this Spring, entitled Two. Two ranges from booty shaking to intimate and soulful. The record was recorded at legendary Pachyderm Studios with John Davis and mixed at his studio, The Bunker in Brooklyn, NY. John has produced and mixed for Lettuce (Fly), Eric Krasno (Blood from a Stone), Nigel Hall (Ladies and Gentlemen).Stay tuned for a single and the first tour dates of 2017 to be dropping soon!last_img read more

Lotus Makes Capitol Theatre Debut With “Once In A Lifetime” Performance [Audio/Video]

first_imgThanks to taper Matt Moricle, you can listen to the full show:Setlist: Lotus | The Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY | 4/8/17I: Nematode, Move Too Fast > Greet the Mind, Mikesnack > Expired Slang, Kesey Seed, Once in a Lifetime [1]II: Cold Facts, Livingston Storm > Soma > 128, Neon Tubes, The Opus, Age of InexperienceE: Encore, Umbilical Moonrise[1] The Talking Heads On Saturday night, Lotus played the Capitol Theatre for the first time ever. The post-rock electronic jam band played two sets of original music, and covered the Talking Heads‘ “Once In A Lifetime” to close the first set. Touring in support of their 2016 Eat The Light release, the band’s first-ever album with lyrics, Lotus displayed a career-spanning setlist and closed with a monstrous “Umbilical Moonrise.”Thanks to, you can watch the first and second set-openers, “Nematode” and “Cold Facts” below:last_img read more

Beloved Comedian And Phan Harris Wittels To Be Honored During New Festival Dubbed Harris Phest

first_imgBeloved phan, comedian, writer, musician, and Parks and Recreation executive producer Harris Wittels, who died in 2015 following a drug overdose, will be honored at a new memorial festival year dubbed Harris Phest. Wittels was a gifted comedian and known Phish fan, serving as our favorite tour guide through the cosmos (sorry) as cohost with Scott Aukerman on the Earwolf podcast Analyze Phish. The phestival is being organized by his sister, Stephani Wittels-Wachs, and will take place on April 20th–Harris’s birthday–in Houston, Texas, at 8th Wonder Brewery.As a tribute to Wittels on what would have been his 33rd birthday, the day will serve up things that Wittels would have loved, such as a performance by Phish cover band A Live One, stand-up comedy shows, and a special-edition Humblebraggot Beer, named after Wittels introduced the word “humblebrag” into the common lexicon with his 2012 book, Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty. The day will also serve as an exhibition of Wittels’ hilarious work and gift of comedy, with selections from his book, best tweets (@twittels), and Parks and Recreation clips also showcased throughout the day.Proceeds for the event will go toward the Harris Wittels Fund, which supports Houston’s High School For The Performing And Visual Arts. You can get more information about Harris Phest here. Rest in peace Harris, you are missed. [H/T A.V. Club]last_img read more