Google plays the Grinch and fires employee who leaked companywide pay raise

first_imgYesterday, news leaked of an incredible act of munificence on the part of search giant Google towards its employees this holiday season: not only was every employee getting $1,000 in cash, but they’d also get a 10% pay raise. Overall, Google was rewarding its employees with billions of dollars in extra bonuses and pay raises. Merry Christmas indeed! There’s no way to read “evil” into this news: Google is awesome.Unfortunately, that happy story of tech good cheer has an unhappy ending for at least one Googler: the search giant has apparently told their staff that they have already fired the person responsible for leaking word of the ten percent companywide pay hike to the press.Apparently, the firing happened within “hours” of the leak being made to Business Insider. The message seems pretty clear: either Google doesn’t want its employees telling outsiders how well they’re treated, or Google wants to send a strong message about secrecy within the company over all.It’s really an unfortunate post script to what was a really feel-good story. Now instead of looking like a big corporate Santa, Google seems something of a sour-faced Grinch.Read more at CNN Moneylast_img read more