Moroccan All Female Terrorist Cell Planned Suicide Attacks on Election Day

Rabat – Morocco’s anti-terrorist squad dismantled a group of ten female terrorists in a preventive operation. The group of women planned to use explosive devices for their suicide attacks on Election Day, October 7, and were active in seven different cities throughout Morocco.“ISIS terrorist organization is changing its tactics, and is bent on attacking the kingdom of Morocco through its weakest component, female minors. They use social media sites to recruit and brainwash minors,” said Head of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) Abdelhak El Khiyame in a press conference held today at the Bureau’s headquarters in Sale. During the press conference, El Khiyame revealed the major elements of the ongoing investigation following the dismantlement of the all-female terrorist cell, some of whom were as young as 13-years-old.El Khiyame expressed his dismay over the exploitation of Moroccan women for ISIS’s terrorist agenda, adding that ISIS has changed its tactics and is now recruiting female minor to commit acts of terror.“This operation may seem to be simple, but it is not,” El Khiyame said. “We are working on the fight against terrorism through a preemptive approach. But this cell in particular is different. For the first time, we are faced with female terrorists, most of whom are minors.”The BCIJ Director stated that ISIS is trying to sneak a new virus into Morocco’s social fabric by recruiting minors, adding that the organization is taking advantage of those who condone the same extremist ideology. “ISIS try to take advantage of silent cells who share the same hostile agenda to carry out suicide operations against sensitive facilities in Morocco in a Boko Haram style,” he said.This new “worrying” tactic will need a national multi-disciplinary approach to defeat it. El Khiyame urged all components of society to fight against the spread of the Jihadist ideology.ISIS was successful in recruiting these young girls, in part, because of the non-existent role of parents, education institution, and civil society, the Moroccan official said.El Khiyame did not rule out the possibility of other ISIS minor-recruitments in the future. He urged stakeholders to collaborate through a comprehensive approach based on social, religious and educational awareness.This group of terrorists will be brought before justice after the investigations conducted under the competent public prosecutor’s office are complete. read more